We purchased our family farm in 1993. Nash and Dellene, the grower-producers, are dedicated stewards of California farmland and wildlife, and along with producing top-quality Extra Virgin olive oils, ensure habitat protection for our native animals and plants.

Our olives are picked by hand. It is pretty tough work with each picker wearing a bucket strapped to his or her chest, and with taped fingers, pulling the olives off the branches into the buckets. A ton of olives will produce between 14 to 28 gallons of oil, depending on the variety. Unlike Italy, olive oil produced in the U.S. is not government subsidized, so prices tend to be higher. However, lots of imported oils are far from top quality. Extra Virgin in Italy refers only to the acidity, not necessarily cold-pressed and pure.

Many California olive oil companies blend their oil with flavorless, unstable, mass produced super-hybrids or with canola oil to be more profitable. We do not. Our oils are 100% pure and pressed from century old trees. You won't find a finer oil anywhere.

We let our olives ripen to reduce the bitterness and make our oils more usable in all types of cooking and baking. Dellene has used Sevillano and Mission oil in baking as well as all forms of traditional cooking and saute. Dellene has basically found no dish that cannot be made with our oils, and a great trick is to replace half the butter with the same amount of oil in recipes that call for butter. In baking, she usually halves the oil called for anyway. Try a little experimenting, it's fun!